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Online Casino Blacklist


When it comes to online casinos, it is always better to be careful rather than repenting later on. For this reason, it is always best to check the online site on casino blacklists for prevention against gambling fraud. There are a large number of gambling sites on the internet today to choose from. Most of these sites are not even very strictly regulated by authorities. For this reason it is not too uncommon to come against sites which might be fraud.

Online casinos handle quite a lot of player information and money. For this reason they are the targets of online hackers. There are quite a lot of blacklists for online casinos which can be found on the internet today. However, there are also many legitimate casinos which offer security, safety, good odds and bonuses to their players. It becomes quite simple for players to just check the list to know about the background of an online casino security and see whether it had been blacklisted for a scandal or for information abuse of a player.

However, there are several other things that the player must consider and keep in mind when consulting these blacklists.

Reasons for blacklisting

  • The gaming software might be programmed to produce odds which are unfair. There are several third parties which conduct audits in order to ensure that something like this does not happen. Do not sign up at a casino which is not signed up for monthly casinos.
  • The gaming software might give a fake approval seal. There are a few casinos that forge and illegally copy the approval seals when they haven't really been tested for it.
  • The terms and conditions of the authorities of the gaming board are not met by the casino. There are several conditions with respect to disputes, bonus conditions etc. which might not really be up to the mark. It is always best to check the payout and payment options on the site before signing up. Bonus abuse is not very uncommon these days. There are several casinos that untruthfully accused the players of bonus abuse and have even seized all of their funds.
  • The abuse of privacy of the players by the casino can also be a reason for blacklisting. There have been several instances where the casinos have wrongfully released the information of the players' email ids to spammers like pornography and other such businesses. There might be instances where the operators of the casino might also be running multiple sites or might be receiving hefty payments for releasing the confidential information. This is considered to be unethical and it invalidates the credibility of the casino. For this reason, any casino which has done so in the past must be avoided by players at all costs.
  • The casino might not address the accusations or the complaints by either not returning the phone calls, emails of the players or from the gambling mediators. These casinos are usually blacklisted. Any casino which does not put in any efforts for resolving the issues of the players should be avoided.

The great thing about the is that it offers you flexibility in enjoying the games. However, you cannot enjoy the full games portfolio on your mobile.

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