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General Etiquette Principles In Casinos

An average Las Vegas tourist might not know that there is something like casino etiquette. While you are in casino you are expected to follow few etiquette casino rules all the time, though they are not mentioned. Also, have you ever thought how secure is to use a poker bonus code? Well, they are witout a doubt, especially when you play at good online casinos.

Unwritten rules

  • Try not to take out your camera phones out of your pocket, as most of the casinos do not allow photographic gadgets of any king on the floor, so keep the shutterbug activity out of the floor.
  • Kids should stay away, though they might be allowed on the gaming floor of Las Vegas but children should not really be brought to the casino.

The truth is the New Jersey Casino Commission does not allow kids on any casino floor. Unless they are hotel guests, the casinos in New Jersey do not allow kids on the floor. Even at Taj Mahal (Atlantic City), children are prohibited since they might create problems on the floor or might distract other players.

  • Before playing, make sure that your mind is clear from all the problems.
  • It is better to ask before you start playing. Ensure the betting circle in front of the vacant chair, if there is a chip in it, most likely he's playing double hands. Make sure that the circle is open before you sit down.
  • Be patient and don't just wave money, it is better for you to wait till the end of the round or spin before you start to bug the dealer to buy in. A good way to excite a tired dealer who has been on his feet the entire day is by demanding chips as soon as you approach the table. Wait till the end of the turn, have your money ready on the table in a visible manner and tell the dealer that you wish to "buy in" in the denomination of your desire. Don't hand him the money.
  • Tip the dealer when you are winning, he will remember for sure. Your tip does not have to be a large sum of money; however a token or mere gesture should be fine for his service. After all, the dealer's job is much like a bartender or waitress since it's a service industry. In case you not comfortable tipping, put a small side bet and let the dealer know that it's for the table.

These were some basic etiquette tips which should be followed at every casino to remain in the good side of the casino.

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