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Gambling Addiction Review

One of the biggest problems that comes along with gambling is addiction. Gambling addiction can not only strain all personal relationships but it can also decrease the performance levels at work, not to mention cause financial problems. Gambling addicts might steal money to gamble or do undertake other such major steps. Those who want to stop gambling but still cannot are facing a problem with addiction. However, gambling addiction, like all other types of addictions, can be treated.

Understanding the addiction

Gambling addiction is also called compulsive gambling. Such gamblers cannot control their impulse to gamble and even when they know that they are hurting themselves and their family, they are unable to stop. Such individuals only think of gambling all through the day. Whether they are winning or losing, compulsive gamblers would keep on paying. Even when they are completely broke, they would either borrow money from someone else or at times even steal money in order to be able to play.

However, sometimes gamblers can go completely out of control. Such behavior can disrupt the life of the individual. If a person is preoccupied with gambling, playing even when there are serious consequences, chasing losses or are spending more money and time on it, then there is a gambling problem.

Symptoms of gambling addiction

The biggest problem with gambling addiction is that it is almost unrecognizable at most times. It is known as the hidden illness since there are no physical symptoms or sings like other types of addictions. Such gamblers would generally try to minimize or to deny their problems. Also, they might try to hide their habit as best as they can. Gambling addicts would often lie about where they had been, might sneak around and withdraw from friends and families.

The most common signs of addictions to gambling:

  • If you feel that you need to hide your gambling habit or have to be secretive about it there might be problem. If you feel that you need to gamble in secret, lie about how much you lost or feel that other would not understand how you feel about it then there could be a problem.
  • If you have problem controlling yourself while you are gambling or feel that you cannot just walk away, then there could be an addiction. Such individuals would often feel compelled to gamble till they are out of all their money.
  • One of the biggest symptoms of being a gambling addict is when you get more desperate to make up for your losses. If you gamble till you are broke and then still bring in more money when you have your credit cards or your utility bills pending then it is a red flag. You might get tempted to borrow, steal or even sell your things to get money for gambling.
  • Denial is also very commonly seen in gambling addicts. The friends and family of the individual might be worried about them but the addict would still be in denial.

Gambling addiction is more common than we would think it is. It is never too late to get help.

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