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Web Money Casino Overview

It is common to find that people prefer to use web money for most of their online purchases rather than their credit cards. Web money is basically just a way of handling your finances, transferring money and making deposits online. There are several different companies and websites which offer these services today.

Smooth banking is an essential element in enjoyable online casino play. You want to make sure that the payment methods are easy to use and pay out in a quick and efficient manner. If you are looking for a great payment option, find out which betting sites offer the Webmoney casino payment solution.

For players who prefer online casinos rather than the real land based casinos, web money is one of the most convenient ways to make their payments and to transfer money. This kind of safe casino banking has become quite popular with online gamers since they offer ease of operation and fast transactions. Let's consider some of the most popular web money services.


eCheck is a very simple way of transferring funds from any checking account to any online casino. It works in quite the same way as the normal paper check. However, unlike paper check, eCheck does not involve any physical instrument. All of the instructions are done electronically and therefore they are quite fast.

The credit cards allow the players to fund the online casinos without having the necessary funds with them. However, eCheck can only be used if the player has the necessary funds in his/her checking account. These can be used to transfer the funds to any online casino using the same banking channels. All of the instructions are carried out online and therefore the transfer of funds is quite instant.


MoneyBookers is another well known method for online payment with their headquarters in London. MoneyBookers has more than five million accounts and is known as the wallet for the internet. All of the transactions from the consumers to the merchants, from the customers to the bank accounts and even the payments received by the customers can be done through an e-mail address.

MoneyBookers is quite a popular way of transferring funds for online players especially since they offer their services in almost all countries of the world. The transactions are all processed in real time. MoneyBookers is also endorsed by several online casinos themselves since they allow ease of usage for their players. Because of its efficiency and its ease of use, there are several online casinos that today offer MoneyBookers as one of their payment options.


Another quite well known payment method online is Instadebit. This is a system which allows payments directly through a bank account and is mainly designed for Canadian customers. The best thing about Instadebit is that it is totally free to the customers since no transaction fees are ever charged from them. Users just have to register a bank account with them and then all of the transactions would be routed through that particular account. Users have complete security and privacy for their transactions. They do not have to give their credit card information or details to any online casinos at all.

Web money offers a lot of benefits to online players and is one of the safest ways to make payments online to casinos.

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