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Tips For Avoiding Casino Blacklist

Blacklist reasons

Over the recent years, online gambling has become quite popular. However, there are quite a lot of security measures which have to be taken care of while playing at online casinos. First of all, there is always a risk of the player's personal information being used or sold off to a third party which might have some severe consequences.

Many casinos are competing with each other to create more loyal and safe terms and conditions for players. A good and clear example is this short review, but with the rise demand for online gambling, the various sanctions for non-compliance with casino rules have become very widespread. People who are unable to access any online casino due to misconduct such as cheating or stretching regulations too far. Unlike land-based casinos which may physically remove those breaking rules from their premises, virtual ones have turned to innovative methods in an attempt to combat fraudulent and criminal activities on their platforms.

Another phenomenon is the blacklist. There are blacklists not just for online casinos but also for players. Often times, players that get blacklisted are not allowed to play at any online casino. There are major differences between land based and online casinos. In online gambling though there would be no escorts walking the player out, there would be blacklist where the players would not be able to gamble anymore. In most cases, players are blacklisted from the casinos for cheating. Any online casino site would not tolerate any cheating (as a popular kind of casino crimes) so it is always best to stay away from it. Even those who bend the rules would be included in cheating.

However, there are a few cases where an honest player might get blacklisted from an online casino even though he/she was not really cheating. There are a few things that online players are unaware of which could get them blacklisted.

How not to get blacklisted

  • Do not ever share your account information with anyone at all. An online casino account should only be used by you and nobody else.
  • Do not open your account at more than one place since it can get you banned from all online casinos. All casinos want to keep their players committed to them and for that reason they offer benefits and bonuses. Players who sign up at more than one place would definitely get blacklisted.
  • If you are not gambling from your home computer it is important to get it registered at the online casino. If there are two different names and the same IP address, it would be taken for granted that you are cheating. This can lead to blacklisting of the player. Register your computer for the online casino that you would be using.
  • Do not ever try to change or mess with the online gambling software. By doing this you would only be proving that you are trying to cheat the casino by making money through unlawful practices and this would without a doubt get you blacklisted.
  • All online casinos have very clear rules and policies about malfunctions and technical glitches. Players who try to claim a malfunction or glitch in order to claim some money would be banned or it could at least get your account closed.
  • Always use your own credit card or debit card for transferring money to the casino account. This is not only not accepted by the online casinos, but is also quite difficult and a lengthy process to get the permission from the card holder.

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