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Unwritten Rules For Safe Playing

In the gambling industry, people either choose to cheat or fraud rather than rely on their luck, due to the same reason the gambling halls have strict casino securities. Secured gambling takes place at the casinos where the personnel looks after the game way the game is being played and the players to make sure that everything is safe and normal. Casino dealers have their eyes always on the game to ensure that none of the players are cheating or involved in fraudulent activities, they also try to detect the moves to cheat like card and dice switching, palming or marking. Table managers and Pit bosses have a bigger point of view and motto to watch the game in order to ensure that the gamblers are following the rules of the game. Every staff member in the casino is monitored by their seniors whether the table is losing or winning.


The security staff can track the activities in the casino with the help of surveillance cameras. Every table, window and doors are monitored via the high-tech gadgets which are systematically placed in the ceiling, these gadgets are adjustable to focus on the suspicious gamblers. The images are taped so incase of cheating it is easier to detect and the same can be verified through the recorded tape as to who attempted the crime. The pay outs are determined by the computer chips in slot machines, the pay outs are not manipulated and there is no security in the slot area.

The casino security is very diligent during the game patterns and process, like positions of the betting areas on the table, dealing and shuffling of cards and the body posture of the players towards the completion of each pattern. This makes it easier to detect if something goes wrong or if something unusual happens in the game patterns.

Unwritten rules for safe gambling

Here are some tips which will help you to be on the legal side of the casino gambling.

  • Don't touch any equipment in the casino with both hands. When your cards are facing down and you want to see them, try to use only one hand. Ensure that the ice and cards are within the sight of the dealer.
  • In case you are not playing and wish to watch the game you can as long as you want, however make sure that you are not distracting any competitors.
  • Don't touch your chips soon after you have placed a bet. Collect your winning s after the dealer has distributed all the payouts.
  • Do not try to reach the wager across the table since you may end up knocking other players chips, let the dealer place the bet.
  • The gambling table should have only chips on it.

At the end, it is good to follow the above casino security measures than to be suspected of fraud. Every casino will also have its own set of rules and regulations. It is always good to check these rules beforehand in order to avoid any problems later on.

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