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Table Games Protection Training

Over the last few years, the gaming industry and the casinos have grown quite rapidly. With this growth, the need for trained and qualified personnel has grown immensely. Casinos need employees who understand the concepts land casino security issues and table game protection and can detect fraud and cheating, as the most possible casino crimes. This need is being dealt with by training the table game supervisors and surveillance staff on how to protect the table games better.

Training matters

The training efforts had been almost non-existent recently and, in fact, were not even needed. However, things have changed today for casinos. Training is given today to casino staff members on game protection methods, advantage play issues and on basic game processes.

However, most trainers in the field are selling a training mode which is based solely on cheating and game protection. Also, most trainers train the casino staff members by installing a fear in them and by putting emphasis on large scale elaborate cheating methods which are very miniscule. This results in the staff members looking for signs and things that do not even exist. Most importantly, for table games, it is all about accountability and procedure.

Table games protection methods

When it comes to table games, it is all about the dealers following the correct procedures and the supervisors watching the tables. If all of the procedures which are set are followed and are intact, the cheating techniques cannot take place. However, modern technology (e.g. Eye in the sky system) which is so widely being used in casinos today and is emphasized on is a way to help the casino staff and is also of utmost importance.

The correct training programs should look into the possible cheating scenarios which normally do take place in casinos. If game is not really performed in a standard way by a dealer for a long time, then there is a chance of possible cheating. The first and the most important step in game protection is always procedure which should then be followed with surveillance to ensure that everything goes according to the plan.

One of the best ways to ensure safety and game protection in casinos are still informants when it comes to insider actions and employee theft. In today's casinos though, insider jobs are quite uncommon to come across.

The basic concepts of game protection in casinos

  • Thorough and complete understanding of:
    • the casino game processes
    • the equipment and cheating moves
    • the possible cheating moves used when the procedure is not right.
  • Complete attention is to be paid to the operation of the game and to the procedural compliance.
  • Accountability of the casino supervisory staff.

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