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Click2Pay Casino Review

Click2Pay is very popular payment method nowadays. It is an extremely easy way of transferring money to online casinos. This option of money transaction has become quite famous because of the convenience that it provides to users. Online casino players especially use this method quite frequently to transfer their money.

Click2Pay offers quite speedy transfers of money, alongside with Neteller, web money and Western Union. Not just that, but the transactions are also quite secure and private.

Using Click2Pay

Click2pay can be used quite easily. Users just have to enter personal information along with their bank details. There is a short validation process which is conducted once the information is provided by users. However, this only shows that the payment transaction is quite secure. One of the biggest benefits of using this service is that the users can use their own debit or credit card in order to make the payments. There is no need to directly fund the click2pay account. The payments are quite easily transferred just like in case of the credit card.

The only difference is that the information is not shared with the merchant. There is a spending limit assigned to every user whenever he/she opens an account with click2pay. This limit is over a period of seven days. The limit would always be low when the account is new and it is increased once the user uses the account frequently. There are a few basic requirements which need to be fulfilled by the user in order to increase the spending limit.

Click2Pay benefits and drawbacks

The only drawback of click2pay is that there is a credit check since there is a star rating system. Those who are not users of credit cards will not be able to use the services of click2pay. How it works is that it channels the payments of the credit cards through an intermediate system for payment. However, this also provides the merchants with fraud protection. For this reason, the online casinos encourage their users to use click2pay since they get trouble free transactions in the process.

The benefit for the users is that the services are quite simple and transactions are quite fast. There are plenty of online casinos that accept click2pay as their mode of payment, and most of them encourage it too. The users only have to sign in to their accounts on the online casino and select click2pay as their mode of payment. An account ID will have to be entered and with that the funds will get transferred to the account instantly.

This works out quite well for the online players since the funds are transferred almost immediately and they do not have to wait for the funds in order to start playing. The withdrawal process is just as simple too. Users have either transfer the funds to their click2pay account or they can get a check from their account. There is an efficient customer support system which helps out the account holders with their queries.

Because of all of these conveniences, click2pay has become one of the most widely used modes of payment for online casinos.

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