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Eye In The Sky Security Cameras

In every land casinos security is always of the outmost importance for the owners and the managers. Large amount of money is present in the casino that is why there is always a chance of something out of the ordinary happening.

Cheating in casinos has always been present, probably since as long as the casinos have been around. Players try to make money by trying different types of cheating methods at casinos. In the earlier days it used to be easier to cheat at casinos because of the lack of security systems. Players used to mark the cards easily and would try to steal chips from the table when nobody was looking.

However, something like this cannot be pulled off in casinos today. Casinos use plenty of security systems, elaborate devices and take security measures in order to keep track of every single player at the casinos. They have dedicated staff members who are trained to catch on to every type of player behavior and who can easily make out when a player is acting suspiciously. In addition to that there are great varieties of security devices, which help casinos to protect themselves from casino crimes. The most popular system is called the eye in the sky.

What is an eye in the sky?

The eye in the sky is just a term given to the closed circuit security cameras which are used in casinos today to ensure table games protection. These cameras are positioned in the casinos in such a way that the security personnel can monitor the elevators, restaurants, hallways, tables and seats closely. These cameras work so efficiently that the security personnel can even make out the expression on the face of a player. An industry standard term used for these kinds of cameras is the Pan Tilt Zoom camera.

These cameras are covered by plastic globe which makes it impossible for the players to know what direction the camera is facing towards. Several times, casinos even install empty globes which look like these cameras in order to give it an appearance that there are a lot of cameras being used by them. The cameras are installed on a series of interconnected levers and gears which allow normally two axes of rotation. This can be controlled manually by operators through remote controls or automatically through modern gadgets working on motion sensing technology.

How does it work?

Casinos install both types of cameras, the ones which are manually controlled as well as the ones which are automated. There is a dedicated surveillance room in most casinos with a series of television sets installed in order to show different parts of the casino. The security staff keeps a close watch on the players from these television screens.

When they come across a player who seems to be suspicious they can manually operate the camera in order to pay close attention to his/her behavior, betting patterns and facial expressions. Card counting is especially frowned upon in casinos, though it is not illegal. The cameras often help the casino security staff to keep an eye on suspicious card counters through these cameras.

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