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Popular Casino Crimes

Casinos lure plenty of players from all around the world who are in search of a way of making easy money. For this reason, some of the biggest crimes and scandals take place in casinos all over the world. Casinos handle a large amount of money each day and though there are several security measures which are taken by the casinos, there are times when some really big frauds and crimes take place.

For this reason casinos employ nowadays a huge amount of security staff that keep their eyes on every single player on the floor and monitor their every move. Some of the biggest casinos in the world spend millions of dollars for ensuring their security measures against cheaters and spend a considerable amount of time to treat their staff members to ensure that they can detect suspicious players' behavior.

Even when so many measures are taken, there are still some crimes which do take place in casinos.

Popular casino crimes

There are plenty of people who do not really need the money but they steal from the casino or try to cheat the casino only because it seems exciting to them. The analysis on the crime data maintained by the state police says that it is pretty much a degree of excitement when it is about the crime at the casino.

More than 50% of the crimes reported at the casino were thefts, while other crimes were minor offences like disorderly conduct, per the state police data. According to the police data, out of 967 crimes reported in the six casino parlors in 2007, 567 were thefts.

However, at times there are still people who try to steal from other players as well. Casinos games are exciting and players are so engrossed in their play that they often forget to keep track of their belongings. People may take this as a "finders keeps, losers weeps" sort of situation, however in Pennsylvania, to grab somebody's abandoned ticket or purse certainly a crime. According to the state law, if someone who takes the possession of something which is lost or is given by mistake, it is considered to be theft if reasonable efforts are not taken to return the property to the owner.

Though it is not too common these days to come across very serious crimes in casinos, it is definitely something to be careful about.

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