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Cheat Busting In Las Vegas

Las Vegas casinos have a number of attractions, trappings and beautiful decorations, not to mention the millions of dollars of cash which the casinos deal with every single day. For this reason, these casinos are the breeding ground of several players who are tempted to cheat in order to make some money from the casinos. Players think that they can find a way around the casino's rules and regulations and some of them try to work outside the system and break all the rules. For this reason, casinos have to pay a lot of attention to cheat busting.

Cheat busting in Vegas

Cheat busting is a part of everyday life in casinos in Vegas which normally relies on great amount of technology. Probably every single player who goes to Vegas knows about the eye in the sky which is installed on the casino's ceiling. However, not many know that these cameras are only a small part of the large group of security devices used by casinos. There are thousands of these glass domes which keep an eye of every single player, every machine and every table. The pit bosses in casinos are present on the floor every single minute of the day to keep an eye on the behavior of every player.

Tech detection

Land casino security goes a long way further than that. Casinos use a host of some of the most powerful data analysis, intelligence and digital surveillance technologies to get the small amount of cheating players in line. There are a few systems which the casinos can use which can mathematically detect and calculate whether a player is cheating or not.

There are banks of these cameras which record the footage on the hard disk of the computers so that they can be reviewed later. The digital images provided by these cameras allow detailed analysis and the surveillance teams are trained well on the signs to look out for and the players to watch for.

  • Nora is one such system which has always been quite controversial. Nora is non-obvious relationship analysis which puts together the information about the employees like their education, addresses, past employment details, behavioral patterns and the cross references. This is done by the casinos in order to get a complete background on their employees since quite often the casino employees too are in with a cheating racket.
  • The count rooms in the casinos are the place where millions of dollars are handled every single day and this is the place which is protected with the help of biometrics along with several other security measures. Only very few members of the staff are authorized to enter these rooms and that too under very tight visual and digital scrutiny. Thumb print is used to control the access to the count rooms.
  • Another such technology used by the casinos is the RFID. RFID chips are being installed in all the casino chips which means they can be counted and tracked even as they are moving through the tables around the casino.

Every casino in Vegas has its own security measures, which ultimately has just one goal, protecting itself from cheating players.

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