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Web Scrapers Cheating Technique

Internet hackers have found online casinos as new target for crimes in the past year and have been busy making money. As land casino security is more advanced and it is harder to cheat there. They have higher table games protection and security system (e.g. eye in the sky).


The newest and the biggest concern of the online casino sites today is that their sites are being compromised through a system known as web scraping. Internet hackers often use bots program in order to capture the information from these online casinos and is one of the most dangerous casino crimes. This information is then used to fix the odds in order to reveal the pattern of the payout to ensure larger winnings.

Once the hackers gather all of the information from the sites, they can use their system in order to determine what type of bets are likely to win. This technique is quite difficult to track, detect and prevent since such programs run through automated scripts which can stimulate the play of a real human player. For this reason, it is believed that money laundering is still a possibility on online gaming sites.

How does web scraping work?

Web scraping is also known as web harvesting. It is a technique which is performed by using a software program which extracts data from any given site. In several cases, the program is used to imitate human exploration of a particular website. This is done by using a lower level HTTP version or even by embedding entire browsers like the Internet Explorer or FireFox. This technique is in fact quite similar to that of web indexing where a bot crawls through the website in order to index the pages for search engines. When it comes to data integration and web research, this process can be quite useful. However, it can be quite disastrous and dangerous when it is used by a hacker.

Online casinos as the target

Online casinos are based entirely over the internet and are quite prospering these days. For this reason it is also the perfect target for web scrapers. Hackers who are knowledgeable can use this technique to extract all the required information from an online casino and then use the system in order to play the odds in such a way that it would guarantee them huge winnings. The tool can be used to manipulate the odds in such a way that it would improve their winnings and would also monitor the casino in order to determine when it has the most traffic.

All of these things are done in a very subtle and discreet manner which makes the casinos believe that it is a real human being who is playing. In the next few years, online casino sites would grow to be even larger and even more powerful. With this, hackers and techniques like web scraping can prove to be even bigger threats. Security experts believe that web scraping takes place quite frequently and that a good hacker can in fact very easily steal data from any online casino. This could also lead to phishing, identity theft and fraud.

There are a few security measures which can be taken in order to minimize the risks posed by web scraping and quite a lot of online casinos are doing just that.

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