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Land Based Casino Security

Casinos always deal with a large amount of money every single day. For this reason, players get encouraged to scam, steal and cheat in casinos; they try to get themselves a share of this money rather than win it on their own. Security therefore is of utmost importance in land based casinos. Almost all casinos spend a large amount of money, effort and time in order to ensure their security and prevent casino crimes.

Security measures

In casinos, the security starts right at the entrance. There are several casino employees who are responsible for keeping their eyes on the players at every single game. The patrons of the casinos have to ensure that everything is running smooth and just as it should be. The dealers themselves have to remain focused on their game. Dealers are experts and they understand both the game and the players quite well. They can easily make out when a player is trying to cheat at the table by trying to switch cards, palm the cards or try any other type of cheating.

Except for these employees there are the pit bosses and managers who watch over the players and keep a track of the betting patterns of the players.

Eye in the sky

Casinos today have a lot of high tech devices in order to ensure their security. Eye in the sky are the surveillance systems which are installed in almost every casino. The security personnel can watch the entire casino through these systems. There are security rooms in every casino where a group of workers keep an eye on the videos of the casino and focus on suspicious players. All of the videos are recorded so that they can be reviewed later in case of a problem.

The patterns and the routines of the casino games are important too. The way that the dealers deal and shuffle the cards, the betting spots on all the tables and the motions and the reactions of the players all follow some patterns. The security personnel of the casinos are trained to recognize these patterns and whenever something different and out of the ordinary happens, they can easily spot it.

Tips for safe gambling

In every casino, there are a few basic rules which the players need to follow in order to be on the good side of the casinos security, these rules and tips are:

  • Never use both of your hands to touch anything in the casino like the dice or the cards. The dice and the cards always have to be kept above the table and always in the view of the dealer.
  • Those who are not playing can watch the others but should never disturb them in any way.
  • Once the bet has been placed, the chips should not be touched. Similarly, you should not collect your winnings till all the other bets have been paid up.
  • No other items should ever be placed on the table except for the chips.

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