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What You Ought to Know about Native American Casinos

The government promoted the establishment of Native American Casinos as a way to provide income for Native American communities that lived in reservation.  These casinos would help the locals develop economically and they have really helped the local communities improve their access to infrastructure, build schools, set up educational trust funds, establish medical and drug and alcohol treatment centers and even provide financing for entrepreneurs in region.

Incomes of Casinos

The income that the casinos generate is substantial, hovering at just under $20 billion in 2012.  Besides providing income and other development infrastructure to the reserves, these casinos have also been able to provide employment to thousands of both local Indians and non-Indians.  There are currently over 400 Native American casinos where anyone can go gamble that operate in different states across the country.  The unemployment and welfare rates of the regions that have put up casinos dropped significantly the moment Native American Casinos were established.  The law allows Native American casinos to operate independently, something that has been a cause of controversy for decades.

Back in the day, Native Americans used to have fun playing games and were not so much concerned with coming up with winning strategies.  The simplicity of tradition still lives in the casinos operated by the tribes and this explains why so many people prefer to play at Indian reservation casinos.  Although these casinos do not declare what their house edge in various casino games is, their payoffs are often higher than those of other casinos.

Some Things to Remember

If you are going to play at an Indian casino, it is important to note that although the government does not claim taxes from tribal casinos as long as the money will go back to the community, there are instances that the government gets quite a huge cut of the revenue.  If the casino has to split the revenues among tribal members, then the government will take a significant cut and this often affects payoffs.  Most Indian Reservation casinos have standing agreements with local governments regarding payoffs, taxes and every other factor that affects the player.

There are currently 562 tribes that are recognized by the US government but only about half of these operate casinos set up in the reserves.  There are almost 150 tribes still seeking recognition but Native American Rights supporters claim that most of these are not real tribe but groups looking to take advantage of the Indian Reservation Gaming laws that exempts most casinos from federal, state or local taxes.

Also, during the last couple of decades the US casino culture is constantly moving from land-based to online. Even though there’s been a range of regulations, there are still lots of online casinos legal in the USA. You can see the most comprehensive list of such casinos at

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