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Red or black?

Betting on red or black in roulette is one of the most common ways people look to take part in the game. Both selections have an equal chance of coming out and have odds of even money.

White label casino versa black hat money hunters are all chasing an increase in their bankroll in roulette and red or black offers them a good chance of doing that. Although the rewards aren’t as high as a punt on an individual number, there are more numbers in your favour on the wheel. If the ball lands on your colour, you win, regardless of the digit.

Although you may feel there should be an equal split of red and black over a period of time, don’t be lured into thinking either has a better chance of coming out if the previous results are dominated by one of the selections. It is worth remembering that each spin of the wheel in roulette is independent to anything that has gone on before it. That means that even if there have been five red numbers out of the last five draws, the chances of a red or black number coming next remain exactly the same as at the beginning of your session when the slate was dry.

There is no skill involved in roulette therefore there aren’t any strategies that can be used to give you an edge. That means it is entirely down to you when it comes to making decisions regarding your selections. What you should bear in mind though at all times, is the odds you are receiving for your stake. If you do this, you avoid the scenario where you have a winning number but no profit to show for it. This can be done if you select two different outside selections. For example, if you place £10 on red and £10 on even, the ball could land on a red number but if it is an odd digit, you only break even. It is also good practise to know what your potential profit is for your total stake each time you spin the wheel.

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