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Naked Pull

Naked pull is considered to be one of the most common slots strategies that are used in order to increase the winning slots odds. Slot machine strategy called naked pull can be applied alongside loss limits strategy in order to keep all the possible losses in minimum. Check out latest casino news right now.

Naked pull as methodic

The naked pull methodic is widely used by the most sophisticated gamers. Thus, lots of players consider that this very slot strategy is very essential in getting the gamers far away from the so called cold slots before they make all money away just down the drain.

It is interesting to find out that naked stands for nothing and pulls means plays. Hence, when the gamer receives nothing in return during the long gaming sessions, then the machine is more likely to be cold.

How naked pull works

In order to get the naked pull number, for the gamer, it is necessary to pick up the particular number between seven and fourteen. Thus, it is important to give the certain slot machine game at least seven pulls as the minimum. Then, if the gamer reaches the teens numbers, it will become evident that the slot machine is sure to be cold.

For instance, the player chooses 7 as a naked pull number. As soon as 7 pulls are done and the return is still zero, the player must immediately finish the gaming session. It is better to stop and even do not think about some more extra pulls. It is wise, indeed, just quit the game and leave the slots!

Naked pull theory

• Naked pull

It can be pretty annoying, boring or even irritating to pass over and over to the next slot machine again and again, if there is no payback. However, it is widely accepted that if slots are considered to be really cold, there will not be any repays back for from 12 to 14 pulls, it is proven! Thus, the following slots strategy can provide the slots gamers with some guarantees of security with the help of protecting from huge losses, especially in blend with loss limits slot strategy.

It is considered to be imperative that the gamer can realize the importance of the full significance of the possibility to cut the possible losses. Naked pull is quite structured methodic, however, really working one.

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