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Monkey Wire

It is widely accepted that a lot of various physical devices are used by the gamers who are eager to win at any cost. The main idea of such tool implication is actually an attempt to trick the slots in order to interfere with its appropriate repayments. Monkey wire is known to be the winning tool that was designed by the most famous slots cheater of all times - Tommy Glenn Carmichael, alongside the other invention called light wand. You can find more info at!

Purpose of the usage

It is essential to mention that monkey wire is aimed at being inserted into the slot machine through the hopper for the coins. The moment the monkey wire is inserted into the slot machine in such a way that it can block the mechanism that actually counts the coins, slot machine is more likely to be confused regarding how much coins was paid or not. In addition, the device is sure not to let the slots hit more frequent, however, if it does hit, it repays more than it should normally pay out.

For example, instead of repaying thirty coins for the particular winning reel combination, slot machine may easily repay sixty or even seventy coins.

Design of the monkey wire

Monkey wire is also called monkey paw because of the form of the device. The matter is that monkey wire was constructed from the wire with the tiny flashlight and has a form of the paw to be easily inserted and reach the necessary slot machine mechanism.

Thus, while slipping the slot machine chute, the tiny light will confuse the mechanism of the counting – slot sensors. The result will be the increasing of the jackpot payouts.

The main drawback of any physical winning tool implication is the fact that it is hard to insert and retrieve from the mechanism without being spotted by the casino attendants or someone else. Besides, if the gamer is caught, it is obvious at first sight what the following tool was used for.

An interesting fact

After the casinos managed to discover the following trick that was invented and used by the most sophisticated gamer and also cheater – Tommy Glenn perhaps not the only once, all next slot mechanism generations that were manufactured, all of them had special mirrors inbuilt that were designed to block the light and protect the slot machine sensors from the errors.

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