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History of Slots – A Brief Introduction to How the game of Slots was Invented

The history of slots goes back to the 17th century when Sitman and Pitt, two people from Brooklyn developed a gambling machine with 5 reels and 50 cards inside, based on poker. Soon, this machine became immensely popular in New York, with every bar having one of its kind. When the reels of the machine spinned, the players hoped for a good hand in poker. However, there was no structured way of making payments, and often, owners of the bar took out two cards from the machine, Ten and Jack, to lower the player’s chance to win Royal Flush with 50% payout. You can try some games at too!

Charles Fey’s One-Armed Bandit

Soon the gambling machine faded out in popularity and Charles Fey introduced the first “one-armed bandit” in San Francisco in the year 1895. He developed a much simpler and automatic mechanism, with only three reels and five different symbols. Since there were higher numbers of possible wins in the original game of slots, based on poker, it was impossible to device a machine that pays all the corresponding amounts of winning combinations.

However, history of slots says, with the development of one-armed bandit, it became easier to clearly define when the combinations are winning and when not. Thus, the machine could payout the winning amounts automatically. At that time, that highest amount that one could win was 50 cents. Charles Fey’s slot machine became popular as Liberty Bell slot machine, and earned huge success after it was used in Hotel Flamingo Hilton, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The history of slots turned into a new phase with the launch of Liberty Bell slot machine. Innumerable bars opened up in Las Vegas and other localities, using these slot machines and earning good revenues. Despite of slot machines being banned in San Francisco in 1909, Charles was overwhelmed with all the demand that he had in his hands. In 1911, slot machines were banned in California.

However, the popularity of slots continued and slowly crept into different corners of the world. The history of slots witnessed a revolutionary phase with large manufacturing companies doing research and developing technologically advanced slot machines. In 1970s, these companies started developing machines with micro chips placed with random number generators. The micro chips were employed to determine the spin of the slots reels. By 1980s, most of the casinos started picking up with microchip slots.

Online Slots

History of slots took a completely new phase in the 21st century, with the introduction of online slots. Today, people can enjoy a fun game in slots, sitting right at their homes, rather than playing in stuffy and crowded casinos. Moreover, one can play slots anytime online, and even while on the move. Some online casinos also provide the opportunity to play free slots. This helps the players in enjoying the game, without having to lose anything.

Introduction of online slots is indeed a drastic leap over the traditional slot machines that go back to the history of slots.

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